Ben Affleck Batman's new suit revealed in The Flash set photos

New photos from the set of the upcoming The Flash movie provide the first look at the new Ben Affleck Batman suit. Affleck will star along Michael Keaton in the film, as both will reprise their respective Batman roles. 

The film itself will focus on The Flash, as he travels back in time to stop his mother dying. Throughout his journey, the speed super hero will meet numerous DC figures including both of the Batman characters. 

The Flash will act as a sort of soft reboot for the DC cinematic universe, with films releasing afterwards that relate to the events in the film. The DC cinematic universe is in a pretty sorry state and has been for some time, so The Flash could be just what it needs. 

Batman was spotted out in Edinburgh recently, sporting a new suit and riding around on a Batcycle. It’s unlikely the suited up man-bat was actually Affleck, but who knows. Let’s just hope they had the sense to avoid the Golden Mile, it’s pretty expensive around there. 

Ben Affleck (Batfleck) returns!

The snaps, which were taken by Twitter user @AjepArts, show a stunt person riding the Batcycle through the streets of Edinburgh. We also got a sneak peak at the new Batsuit, which looks pretty close to Affleck’s previous one, albeit with new alterations. 

Footage captured of Batman doesn’t feature a cape, however it’s likely artists will add it in postproduction. However, maybe the team were just testing out the suit and bike in action rather than filming. 

There’s also footage of the stunt person riding the bike through Edinburgh. Batman and the Batcycle can be seen driving past numerous onlookers in slow motion. 

Previous leaks and reveals

The Flash has been in production for some time now, which means fans have already seen plenty of behind-the-scenes images. Michael Keaton’s Batsuit was leaked online a few months ago, providing the first look at Keaton as Batman since 1992

Photos leaked by fans in April showed what the Wayne Manor will look like in The Flash. The leaked images also included a smoke-filled courtyard, hinting at potential narrative beats in the film

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