Artist imagines John Boyega as Superman!

The jury is out as to what could be coming next for the character of Superman in the Warner Bros movie universe of DC characters. In the meantime, that's not stopped fans to imagine who could be taking over the mantle from Henry Cavill.

Thanks to artist Subi Özil, we have been given a fantastic idea in how John Boyega could look as the Man of Steel. After seeing his character in the sequel trilogy of Star Wars be unfairly side-lined, it could be a fantastic watch to see the actor don the tights and cape for another movie.

With that in mind, lets see what the Subi has created, and who else could be cast in this potential film.

Do you believe Boyega can fly?

Here, Subi has imagined John soaring above the skies in a mix of metallic blue and silver, with the 'House of El' symbol of hope in another silver shade, with splashes of red to harken back to the classic suit.

Jon Boyega Superman
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Credit to Subi.

It's a striking image, and especially with rumours that a Superman film is in the making featuring a black actor, one can't help but wonder if Boyega could be the perfect actor for it.

With s much discourse about the recent Snyder cut of Justice League, it could be a great option for Warner Bros to cut all ties to that universe that's been active since 2013, and start anew with this instead.

What could be coming for Superman?

While a sequel for Wonderwoman is in the making, alongside films for The Flash, Aquaman and a fresh take on Batman coming soon, there hasn't been any concrete news that a new Superman film is in development.

However, with a Superman movie, there's always the following question of what the villain will be, and which actor will play the part. This writer would love to see John Shea return as Lex Luthor, from the 1993 series Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. But for something else, perhaps Brainiac should finally have his big-screen debut, after failing twice now to make it to the big screen.

For now anyway, it's fantastic to see talented artists imagine a world that has an actor as talented as Superman, and hopefully it will come to pass very soon.

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