Superman PS1 game is FINALLY playable, and it still sucks - here's how to try it!

Lots of strange things happen in gaming.

It often results from the weird secrecy that is commonplace in the industry, and that means we get odd leaks, late releases, or strange rumours of shutdown projects all the time.

Well, one of the latest oddities to surface is a game based on one of the most boring (goody-two-shoes) superheroes of all-time.

It's also a version of one of the worst games of all-time too, but it's still interesting.

Introducing Superman 2000

As reported by Engadget, this is one of the most peculiar stories of the year. The game has come to light thanks to somebody called DigitalExplorations on Deviant Art. This is probably the first time ever that something like this has released via Deviant Art.

The post explains that " The long-lost legendary advanced build of the revamped Superman for PlayStation by Titus Sofware from 2000 is the subject of this release, and it's being brought to you by the guy who won the game off of eBay back in 2013."

There's a lot of talk of pressure, people hoarding things, and collectors in the post, but the gist of things is that this person has actually owned it for a while, but has only put it up now due to some retaliation over the initial purchase.

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How to play Superman 2000

According to the person who posted the game, a normal PS1 won't play it, or at least "Not without a modchip. It plays in my PS/2 TEST console just fine, though, and it works with both the ePSXe and PSX v1.14 PC emulator programs."

The legality around emulators and ROMS is tricky, so make sure you're not breaking any laws wherever you live.

With that in mind, that comment should have all of the information you require to actually play this long lost game.

Just keep in mind that it's an alternate version of Superman 64, which is legitimately one of the worst games ever made.

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