Amber Heard is fighting for more Aquaman 2 screen time

Justice League and Aquaman star Amber Heard reportedly wants more out of the upcoming Aquaman 2 movie.  Despite a hurricane of controversy surrounding the actress, the star is asking for more screen time as Queen Mera.

Reported by renowned movie leaker Daniel Richtman, Amber Heard is attempting to reclaim the secondary role in the movie. With multiple female characters poised to take the spotlight away from Heard's character in the sequel, the star is looking to grasp more importance.

Will Amber Heard be in Aquaman 2?

Despite her extremely high-profile legal battle with ex-husband Johnny Depp, Heard will still be in Aquaman 2. Whilst her husband was booted from the role as Grindlewald in Fantastic Beasts 3, Heard's connections at Warner Bros have secured her spot as the character.

While the role of Mera won't be recast, rumours state the character will be less involved in the sequel. Allegedly, Warner Bros is pushing to limit the presence of the actress in the wider picture. Heard reportedly isn't accepting the studio's compromise.

So, while Mera will be in Aquaman 2, she won't be gallivanting around with Arthur Curry. Instead, it's more likely that the character will be tasked with looking after Atlantis while the title character goes on an adventure.

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When will Aquaman 2 release?

Aquaman 2 isn't coming out this year. The upcoming DC sequel will start shooting in the UK in just a few months. The upcoming superhero sequel will start filming on June with months of post-priduction. Aquaman 2 will see an extended shooting schedule in line with ongoing COVID restrictions. Fans can expect a cinema release date of December 2022, meeting the same period as the original.

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