Alternate The Flash actors may be recruited as WB ponders booting Ezra Miller

The DCEU hasn't seen any major recasts of its characters, but that could be set to change. While the MCU has seen Mark Ruffalo replace Edward Norton and Don Cheadle replace Terrance Howard, DC has been consistent. At least, as far as the main timeline goes – Joker and The Batman are not in the DCEU. However, DC's consistency could fall completely as The Flash actor Ezra Miller might be up for a replacement.

Reported by We Got This Covered, Miler's position as the speedster is on thin ice. With prior controversies bubbling back to the public eye following the Snyder Cut, WB is looking at alternatives for the character.

Is WB replacing Ezra Miller as The Flash?

Reported by WGTC, Warner Bros is looking to replace Miller as the popular speedster following the revival of the actor’s biggest controversy. Just last year, a video of the actor choking a female fan went viral on social media. At the time of writing, Miller has yet to discuss these events.

As soon as the video got big, there were rumours that Miller would be dropped from Fantastic Beasts 3 and The Flash. However, with everything that's happened over the past year, the events were quickly forgotten about.

With the new Flash film set to release next year and the recent Snyder Cut, Miller is once again in the spotlight. Scheduled for November 2022, there's a possibility that the internet’s falling out with the actor could be cause for a recast.

Content Warning: Violence

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How would WB replace Ezra Miller?

Ezra Miller’s upcoming The Flash movie is supposed to be an adaptation of the character’s best comic: Flashpoint. Taking place in an alternate dimension, it’s already established that the movie will see alternate cast of DCEU characters.

By the end of the movie, leaks state that multiple versions of the character will be established. Those new versions of the character may remain part of their alternate universe, but that doesn't mean WB won't pursue them.

Much like with the upcoming The Batman movie, WB isn't tied to making DC movies in the DCEU. Instead, they could very well continue creating The Flash movies standalone from DCEU storylines. Even with the success of the Snyder Cut, there's no plans to further the Justice League plans.

Of course, all of this is speculative and should be taken with a grain of salt. There's no definitive proof that Miller will be replaced; there's no reason why the actor couldn't be wholly recast. Whatever happens, there will likely still be a Flash movie.

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