Ahsoka will reportedly bring back a beloved Clone Wars Jedi

Star Wars’ prequel era may not be the most critically acclaimed part of the franchise, but it is the most intriguing. While the movie trilogy faltered in providing an engaging story at all times, it introduced fans to a magical sci-fi setting. Of course, the era also introduced fan-favourite characters like Ahsoka Tano, a beloved character that will return in a dedicated TV show.

For Lucasfilm's upcoming Ahsoka Disney Plus show, many have wondered which returning characters will join the grey Jedi. While many fans are hoping to see the live-action versions of Ezra and Thrawn, Lucasfilm has something else in mind. For example, the return of a beloved Clone Wars character.

Ahsoka will bring back Barriss Offee

In a report by The Illuminerdi, the upcoming Ahsoka show will bring back Barriss Offee, a former Jedi. However, considering the character was behind bars when the Jedi slaughter occurred, she could’ve survived. Furthermore, the former Jedi could've become an Inquisitor for Darth Vader.

The Illuminerdi's claims that Barriss Offee is returning for Ahsoka are based on sources close to the casting of the show. Allegedly, Lucasfilm is looking to cast a 20-30-year-old Asian woman in the role of Offee.

Furthermore, Offee is allegedly listed as a main character for the upcoming TV show. At the time of writing, Lucasfilm has yet to provide a synopsis for the unreleased series. However, perhaps the show would see Ahsoka and Offee team up in an attempt to redeem the fallen Jedi.

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Other Star Wars projects

Lucasfilm's Ahsoka project is far from ready. As the show has yet to start filming, fans shouldn't get too excited just yet. However, Lucasfilm is preparing an endless stream of Star Wars content to keep fans satiated well into the future.

For example, Lucasfilm has already finished production on The Book of Boba Fett, reading it for release this year. On top of that, Obi-Wan Kenobi is currently filming alongside Andor. While fans of Ahsoka Tano may have to wait a while for the dedicated show, there's plenty of Star Wars to dig into.

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