WandaVision's true Evan Peters identity wasn't always Ralph Bohner

WandaVision was the perfect start to a new era of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Not only was it a great pick-up point after Avengers: Endgame, but it also reintroduced the MCU to TV. As such, the show was full of watercooler moments, especially when it came to the arrival of Evan Peters.

Playing a mysterious revival of Pietro Maximoff, the arrival of Evan Peters was a huge surprise. Of course, with the actor playing Maximoff in the Fox X-Men universe, his appearance was very intriguing. However, the character was eventually revealed to be one big joke.

Evan Peters wasn’t always Ralph Bohner

Evan Peters didn't really play Pietro Maximoff in WandaVision. Instead, the actor was just another victim inside a Westview, one that wanted to be an actor. Peters' role as a mystery Maximoff was just supposed to be a meta joke instead of an actual multiverse inclusion. In the final episode, it was revealed that Peters was actually playing the character of Ralph Bohner.

During a Collider interview, Monica Rambeau actress Teyonah Parris revealed that the name Ralph Bohner wasn't set in stone. In fact, the actress filmed takes saying different names that were never used. Parris explained:

“Even on the day there was another option. I might have said it for the camera. They're like, ‘Just throw this in, just in case,' but I can't remember what it was. "None topped Bohner. I'll tell you that. That was very like, ‘Okay! We're going for the Bohner!'”

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Will we see Pietro again?

As Marvel begins to crack open the multiverse, there's a chance that Quicksilver could make an appearance again. Of course, Marvel's new multiverse offers unlimited possibilities, but there are complications surrounding the character.

Evan Peters has already played a fake version of the character; original Pietro Aaron Taylor-Johnson is now Kraven in the Sony universe. As the universe expands, there's always a chance that the character could reappear, but it seems unlikely.

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