Venom 2 screenings leak reveal Tom Holland's Spider-Man appearance

Sony boss Sanford Panitch claimed that the company's plans for a Spider-Man and Venom movie would become clear very soon. According to leaks coming out of an early screening for Venom 2, that plan is already crystal-clear.

Is Spider-Man in Venom 2?

According to a post on Resetera, Venom: Let There Be Carnage features the franchise's first link to the MCU. While many were under the impression that Venom wouldn't enter the MCU until after Spider-Man: No Way Home, evidence proves otherwise.

Early fan screenings for Venom 2 on Tuesday have resulted in the movie’s entire plot becoming public knowledge. Leaks from viewers of the early screening reveal that Tom Holland's Spider-Man does make an appearance.

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What is the Venom: Let There Be Carnage post-credits scene?

According to those who have seen the film early, Venom: Let There Be Carnage incudes an appearance from Tom Holland's Spider-Man. After defeating Carnage, Eddie and Venom reportedly relax at a beach house.

The two turn on the TV which plays J. Jonah Jameson’s news broadcast from the end of Far From Home. Additionally, upon seeing Spider-Man on TV, Venom licks his lips. Fans have two different opinions on what the Symbiote says. Some believe the Symbiote says, “I hate that guy”. On the other hand, some are saying he responds, “He looks tasty”.

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Will there be a crossover movie?

With that post credits scene, Venom is now officially in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While Sony's Spider-Man universe used to have its own thing going on, it would appear Sony and Marvel have agreed to merge.

This has some interesting connotations. For example, Sony's upcoming Morbius movie has the classic Daily Bugle and Raimi Spider-Man in it. Is this part of a Marvel multiverse? Is it set after Tobey Maguire’s introduction in the MCU? Whatever the case, the promise of a Venom and Spider-Man crossover is now just a matter of time.

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