Thor: Love and Thunder promo art reveals Jane Foster as The Mighty Thor

Marvel Studios' next generation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will see a lot of classic characters passing on the mantle. Steve Rogers to Sam Wilson, Iron Man to Ironheart, T’Challa to Shuri; everything is changing. One of the MCU's most intriguing changes is the passing of the title of Thor.

In Marvel's Thor: Love and Thunder, the title of Thor will be passed from Odinson to Jane Foster. Portrayed by Natalie Portman, the character has been absent from the MCU since 2013’s The Dark World. However, Jane Foster will now return to continue Thor's storyline in a similar vein as the comics.

Thor 4’s Jane Foster costume revealed

A superhero’s costume is one of the most important reveals when it comes to their MCU presentation. As recently as WandaVision and FATWS, fans were incredibly eager to see how Marvel would adapt their favourite characters’ comic costumes. For Jane Foster’s appearance in Thor: Love and Thunder, we finally have a look at what the character will look like.

In a new leak, a production crew T-Shirt shows the new look for Jane Foster. As part of a trio – Jane, Odinson and Valkyrie – Foster is shown in her full superhero getup. While Odinson is wearing a costume similar to his Endgame appearance, complete with Stormbreaker, Foster is wearing a classic OG Thor-style costume.

Of course, Jane Foster is holding Thor's trusty hammer Mjolnir in the promotional art. In the MCU, the current version of the hammer was destroyed by Hela during the events of Ragnorak. However, the hammer could be rebuilt with Jane Foster in mind. Furthermore, some fantasy magic could possibly be in play; it's a movie. Whatever the case, it looks like Jane Foster will have an awesome comic accurate comic in the upcoming film.

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