The Mandalorian cast thought this iconic Jedi would come for Grogu instead of Luke

A large focus of The Mandalorian Season 2 revolves around getting Grogu to a Jedi master. All throughout the season, we're kept wondering which Jedi would come for the little Baby Yoda. Ahsoka Tano? Cal Kestis? (That was my guess.) Luke Skywalker?

Of course, at the end of The Mandalorian it was revealed that Luke Skywalker would look after Grogu. However, cast members of the beloved Star Wars show were told that another iconic Jedi would turn up.

Who was going to collect Grogu?

At the end of The Mandalorian Season 2, Luke Skywalker turns up to take Grogu away. Funnily enough, certain cast members were told something completely different before filming the episode.

During a HIV/AIDS charity event hosted by Star Wars Explained, Katie Sackoff explained that Plo Koon was said to turn up at the end of the show. This was probably not the plan for the show. Instead, the Plo Koon statement was likely a way of protecting the ending of the show from leaks.

On the other hand, Plo Koon often takes young force sensitive children to be trained as Jedi. Unfortunately, the character was killed off in Revenge of the Sith as part of Order 66. As we know by now, characters are only dead if they don’t pop back up a lá Palpatine.

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What's next for The Mandalorian?

The Mandalorian is getting a third season for Disney+. There are currently no details on the plot for the upcoming show; will it include Grogu? Furthermore, the title character of the show reportedly appear in another Disney+ show.

While not confirmed, Din Djarin is reportedly part of the upcoming Book of Boba Fett TV show. There’s no official confirmation of this; it’s not known if the Boba Fett show takes place before or after the third Mandalorian season. Whatever the case, it'll be a cool episode of the Boba Fett show.

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