Rose Tico solo Star Wars allegedly planned to redeem the Disney trilogy

Disney's Star Wars sequel trilogy ended with a whimper for every character. However, one character was treated far worse than others as pushed to please fans. Kelly Marie Tran's Rose Tico went from an important side character to background scenery.  Thankfully, Disney will allegedly be redeeming the character's shunting in a solo adventure.

Tico's screen time in Rise of Skywalker accounted for less than two minutes of the total movie. While some of this can be attributed the removal of her interactions with Carrie Fisher's Leia Organa, it's obvious why the character was sidelined. However, Disney seems keen to rectify that mistake.

Will there be a Rose Tico Disney+ Show?

A report by Giant Freaking Robot claims that Disney is toying with the idea of testing Star Wars spin-off again. Planned to be singular adventures like the mediocre Solo movie, they will focus on individual characters. One project is being planned around Rose Tico in a bid to redeem the character's journey and sequel trilogy.

These early plans are currently targeting a full theatrical release, but that might be turned into a Disney+ show. Rise of Skywalker’s ending left the universe in the exact same state that Return of the Jedi left off. These new post-ROS shows will attempt to retrofit consequences into the movie trilogy's events. Tico's adventure could potentially explore the impact of Palpatine's return and second defeat on the galaxy. Do the people believe in Jedi again?

It’s worth pointing out that Disney is currently throwing a lot of ideas at the future of Star Wars. Despite how many shows are talked about, none of these projects are locked in. For example, rumours about a show about Rey's son have already upset parts of the Star Wars fandom.

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Kelly Marie Tran and Disney

Disney's horrible treatment of Tran for Rise of Skywalker hasn't ruined the actress' relationship with the company. The actress returned for The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special, and had the leading role in a new Disney movie.

In Disney's Raya and the Last Dragon, Tran was flawless in the title role. Following the actress' success in the role, Disney appears eager to continue working with the star. Disney also allegedly sees a Rose Tico standalone project as a positive PR move for the company.

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