The Book of Boba Fett needed Mandalorian to work, says Filoni and Faverau

Lucasfilm's Disney Plus series The Book of Boba Fett finally gave Star Wars’ original bounty hunter time to shine. However, after decades of waiting, some fans were upset at how the series handled the character, especially since the bounty hunter was quickly outshined by Lucasfilm's new icon: The Mandalorian.

With the dust settled, fans have wondered by Fett's first series relied so much on The Mandalorian, with the last third being all about the character. Well, according to producers John Faverau and Dave Filoni, it would be difficult to create a Boba story without including Mando.

Why The Mandalorian was in The Book of Boba Fett

Via The Direct, Faverau and Filoni discussed the inclusion of Mandalorian Din Djarin in the newly-released Disney Gallery: Star Wars: The Book of Boba Fett documentary. In the Disney Plus documentary, the two explained that there was never a plan to create a Boba Fett show without Djarin turning up.

"At the very beginning, Jon [Favreau] and I look through all the season and, Jon has a bunch of things he wants to accomplish, and, you know, we both like Mando,” Filoni said. “We felt that it would be difficult for us to go a whole season without seeing him. And so, he’s a friend of Boba’s, so it makes sense to bring him back into the story."

John Faverau explained that the gap between season two and three of The Mandalorian was too interesting to not explore. With Mando without Grogu, the two felt that The Book of Boba Fett needed to touch on that relationship break, even if it came at the expense of Boba’s screen time.

"Having The Book of Boba Fett come in the timeline and let everything settle,” Faverau said. “It allowed us to let some time pass, to take a breather, and meet The Mandalorian after he’d taken his helmet off and that The Child was no longer in his life. That father-child relationship that had developed was no longer there. And so his life, I think, would lose some of its meaning. That felt like fertile territory."

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Mandalorian and Boba Fett
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The start of deeper lore

One of the biggest appeals of the first season of The Mandalorian was its simple narrative within the expansive Star Wars universe. However, as the series continues, it’s lore is getting steadily more complex, especially as it touches more on the background of Mandalore.

According to Filoni and Faverau, The Book of Boba Fett was the best place to start building up lore in Star Wars TV shows. With The Mandalorian Season 3 on the way, fans are going to have huge lore dumps thrust upon them.

Faverau explaine:

“To have the backstory of Mandalore show up now, three seasons into our storytelling, because people are so curious about what was The Purge, what was the Night of a Thousand Tears, the Songs of the Eons Past. And so we started to begin to show imagery. Now that imagery had to be evocative of what George [Lucas] and Dave [Filoni] created in Mandalore and the animated shows. But this was our way to start to get into that."

While some fans may have been disappointed that The Book of Boba Fett eventually turned into a Mando show, it at least appears to have been done for a good reason. Additionally, it did come with an incredible two part finale.

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