Star Wars: Andor series significantly shortened from five-season plan

There’s still a lot we don’t know about Star Wars: Andor, one of the many new shows coming to Disney+. Despite this, it looks like Disney is already making changes to the show, significantly cutting down the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story prequel. In a new development, it appears that the show will no longer run for a planned five seasons.

Considering how most fans already know the fate of Cassian Andor, the shortened length might be a good thing for the serial. In fact, some have wondered if there should be a prequel show at all since Rogue One didn’t have great characterization. Of course, the existence of this series will probably fix that flaw.

Why was Star Wars: Andor shortened?

At the moment, Andor's cut down plans have not been confirmed by Disney. However, the shortened length was hinted at by director of photography Adriano Goldman. Speaking to TV Cultura, Goldman claimed he was working on a show that was meant for five seasons but was shortened to three due to “a change of plans.”

Goldman didn’t name the series he was referring to. However, the DP has been attached to Andor, making it very likely that the show got snipped. Furthermore, Bespin Bulletin claims that Andor is set five years before Rogue One, making each season a full year.

It seems that Disney and Lucasfilm are wary to announce long-term commitments to Star Wars projects, seemingly due to their high cost. For example, The Mandalorian only gets seasonal confirmations but it was never officially announced if it would run for three seasons, let alone more. This trend is continuing with new shows like Ahsoka and The Book of Boba Fett.

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What is the release date?

With all this talk about Andor getting multiple seasons, one has to wonder why we haven’t gotten any news about the show’s release date. Various reports claim that the first season is coming out sometime this year but Disney and Lucasfilm have stayed quiet on that front.

Granted, Star Wars Day is coming soon and there’s a good chance that we’ll learn more about Andor’s whereabouts during that event. Additionally, a trailer for the upcoming series would do a lot of good. Despite Lucasfilm's heavy push for the series, many are still confused why the series exists at all.

Hopefully, Star Wars Day will convince us that this show has a right to exist, let alone last for more than one season. After all, as good as parts of Rogue One are, Cassian Andor wasn't exactly memorable or interesting.

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