The Mandalorian triumphs as Disney Plus’s most streamed show

When Disney launched Disney Plus back in 2019, the world went wild for The Mandalorian. Released before the disappointing final instalment in the Skywalker Saga, the TV series kept love for the franchise alive.

In the years following, Disney has launched a massive collection of content on its streaming service. From Wandavision to Moon Knight, The Bad Batch to The Book of Boba Fett, there’s been a lot of content. But has any of it best Mando?

Is The Mandalorian Disney’s most watched show?

Reported by The Hollywood Reporter, The Mandalorian is Disney Plus’ most watched show by a considerable margin. Using data from the annual Nielsen report, it was revealed that the Star Wars show outclasses everything else on the streaming service.

Over the entirety of 2021, the Disney Plus show was watched for a massive 14.5 billion minutes. This is almost three times higher than any other Disney Plus series.

Additionally, only around half of those views were a result of the show’s second season. As it turns out, 8.4 billion minutes were watched in the weeks after Season Two released.

This means that new viewers are consistently getting Disney Plus to watch The Mandalorian. Furthermore, it could mean that the show is one of the most rewatched shows on the service.

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Loki is in an impressive second place

According to the report, Marvel Studios’ Loki comes in an impressive second place. While it may not have the massive watch time of Mando, the shorter series is still one of the most impressive shows on the platform.

While The Mandalorian has a total of 16 episodes, Loki only has 6. However, Loki has more watch time per episode than Mando at 872 million minutes each.

Over 2021, Marvel’s Loki brought in 5.23 billion minutes of watch time. If Loki had more episodes, it’s likely that could’ve beaten The Mandalorian.

No matter the case, both shows are bringing in very impressive numbers for the streaming service. As some of the most critically acclaimed Disney Plus shows as well, it seems that quality does matter on Disney’s service.

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