Spider-Man director Jon Watts is making a new Star Wars show before Fantastic Four

Director Jon Watts has brought Disney huge success with his Spider-Man MCU trilogy. Watts’ success has led to Marvel offering him the reigns of the upcoming Fantastic Four movie. However, before that, the director will be helming an unannounced Star Wars series for Disney Plus.

Spider-Man director leaps onto Star Wars

Reported by Discussing Film, Watts is taking a slight departure from Marvel for his next directorial project. While Marvel's Fantastic Four is still on the cards for the Spider-Man director, he'll first make his Star Wars debut.

Watts’ reportedly isn't completely in charge of the upcoming Lucasfilm production. However, he will at least be directing an episode of what's described as a Limited Run series. This means that the director’s John Hughes-esque style will likely be a small part of the show.

The Spider-Man director’s Star Wars debut will be part of the tentatively titled “Grammar Rodeo”. This is the working title of a previously leaked High Republic show in the Star Wars franchise, the first live-action project in this era.

While details are still scarce, there are some details on the High Republic show. For example, the untitled project has been described by insiders as “Stranger Things in space”. If anything, this short premise is a perfect fit for Watts’ directorial style.

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Lucasfilm pushing The High Republic

The untitled Star Wars show is part of Lucasfilm’s new push for The High Republic era. Started in comic books and novels, the new Star Wars era is essentially the new version of the now-non-canon Old Republic.

Disney is working hard to establish this new era of Star Wars canon. For TV, this will start with the untitled TV show. In video games, this will start with Quantic Dreams’ controversial video game for PlayStation 5 and PC.

High Republic movies are also in the works. Initially, a trilogy of movies was supposed to be helmed by The Last Jedi and Knives Out director Rian Johnson. However, there's currently no word on whether those plans are still in place.

Fans are currently torn on the existence of The High Republic. For some, it's a stark reminder that the stories they love are no longer canon. For others, it's simply a new avenue of Star Wars content, a branch of new stories to love just like the past stories.

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