Spider-Man and Deadpool could reportedly team up in revived X-Force movie

The comic book relationship between Spider-Man and Deadpool is an iconic part of the Merc with a Mouth's personality. From team up storylines to Deadpool simply being an annoyance for the web-slinger, the two are tied.

Unfortunately, the two characters are currently kept separate in the world of cinema. With Deadpool previously belonging to 20th Century Fox, there was no way for the two to meet. Nowadays, everything is different and Ryan Reynolds reportedly wants the two to interact on screen.

Spider-Man and Deadpool in X-Force

In a report by We Got This Covered, Ryan Reynolds is reportedly working on a revived X-Force movie at Marvel. Backed by sources that leaked Armour Wars before its announcement, this will be a revived version of the canned Fox movie.

The X-Force movie is described as a bridge between Deadpool's Fox and Marvel appearances. Although, other reports have claimed that Deadpool's introduction will be taken care of in the upcoming third movie.

For the new version of the X-Force movie, Ryan Reynolds reportedly wants to include one of the MCU's most beloved characters: Spider-Man. While not confirmed, this is the crossover that fans have been waiting for since Deadpool came to the big screen.

The report claims that this movie won't be happening for a while. Currently, Ryan Reynolds is busy with Deadpool 3, the MCU's first R-Rated movie. Tom Holland is also busy with Spider-Man: No Way Home, the last movie in his Marvel contract. Afterwards, the actor will reportedly take a small break from the role.

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Plans for MCU Deadpool

Deadpool is going to be the same raunchy, fourth-wall breaking character in the MCU as he is in the first two movies. Plans for Deadpool 3 are going ahead, although Reynolds is allegedly having to fight Disney on the contents of the movie. While still R-Rated, certain scenes in the proposed film may not be gelling with Disney higher-ups.

With that said, Disney is reportedly looking at ways of capitalising on the charm of Ryan Reynolds. Whether that is the catalyst for the revived version of X-Force or maybe a TV show in the future is unknown. However, Deadpool looks to be a fantastic opportunity for Marvel, and Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool.

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