Not even Funko wants to touch Sony’s Morbius mistake

Morbius, the "next Marvel Legend", was not the hit Sony was hoping it would be. Despite being the subject of many memes, including the always hilarious “it’s morbin time,” Sony seemingly has no plans to greenlight a sequel. The lack of positive buzz has led to some marketing plans being canceled, including Morbius Funko Pops.

No Morbin Time for Funko

Revealed by Funko Insider Popnewws Instagram, Funko has abandoned previous plans to make Pops based on the Morbius movie. While no official announcement has been made, this has been deemed to be due to the film'film's poor critical reception and box office results.

As tragic as this is, fans shouldn't expect new Funko Pops based on Jared Leto’s Morbius or Matt Smith’s Milo/Lucien Crown. Personally, we were hoping for a Giant Pop of Matt Smith's beautiful “Have Sex” dance scene.

Fans are sarcastically giving their grievances on the Instagram page about the Morbius Funko news. Tik Tok account 3cfilms joked about Funko not having enough plastic to meet the demand for these Pops. Still, when you consider how Funko has made Pops of everything from Princess Diana to dead Laura Palmer, seeing them say no to Morbius is quite the shocker.

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Morbius’ future

Anyone who stuck around for the Morbius post-credits sequence knows that Sony is still trying to make a Sinister Six movie. Unfortunately, they even dragged Michael Keaton’s Vulture into this universe to give fans one of the worst post-credits scenes in history. That clip alone doomed Morbius from ever getting any Funko Pops if you ask us.

Beyond that, Sony did not greenlight a Morbius sequel when they appeared at CinemaCon this year. During that show, they announced Venom 3 and a sequel to Ghostbusters: Afterlife, but they didn’t give any indication that Morbius would continue.

We don’t doubt seeing him in future Sony Marvel movies, like the upcoming Kraven the Hunter with Aaron Taylor Johnson. Still, we’re better off not having a Morbius sequel, Morbius Funko Pops, or a Sinister Six movie. Sony doesn’t appear to be budging with the latter but we'll take this as a victory.

Just to be clear, there are actual Morbius Funko Pops that fans can purchase. However, these are based on his classic (and much better) comic book counterpart. Those hoping that we would see a Funko Pop based on the Jared Leto version are about to be disappointed. Or should we say, morb disappointed.

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