Iron Man kidnapping appears to be a key plot point in Shang-Chi

The MCU's Iron Man kidnapping is the kick off event that resulted in today's cultural phenomenon. If it wasn't for the attack on Tony Stark's convoy, we wouldn't have The Avengers. Additionally, Disney would be out of a lot of money.

Back when the original Iron Man film launched, the Iron Man kidnapping was believed to be caused by The Mandarin. While later movies would attempt to retcon who issued the kidnapping, Marvel will re-retcon the event with Shang-Chi.

Iron Man kidnapping will be explained in Shang-Chi

In the latest trailer for Shang-Chi, footage of the Iron Man kidnapping is included prominently in one shot. The video shows footage of the Ten Rings militia recording the speech where they show off the capture of Tony Stark.

Tony Stark’s capture and escape was a massive event for the militia. After the hero escaped, the Ten Rings disappeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Consequently, it would appear that this will be discussed in Shang-Chi.

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What could this mean for Shang-Chi?

Shang-Chi is the son of The Mandarin, leader of the Ten Rings. While not shown in the MCU, The Mandarin is Iron Man’s biggest enemy in the comics. Essentially, The Mandarin is Iron Man’s Joker. But what does this mean?

Seeing as the real Mandarin has technically lost to Iron Man, we could see this discussed on-screen. Perhaps, between Iron Man movies, Tony Stark continued to push back the Ten Rings. However, Stark’s Avengers duties kept him from being able to completely shut down the operation.

Furthermore, we could see some of this conflict move over into Armour Wars or Ironheart. As War Machine will still be cleaning up Stark’s mess, this would be a good place to explain the Ten Rings conflict.

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