Hour-long Zemo Cut released to celebrate Falcon's funkiest foe

The fans get what the fans want and Disney has released a fan pleasing addition to Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Based on fan feedback of the ongoing show’s third episode, a dedicated Zemo Cut has been released.

What is The Zemo Cut of Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Born as a jab at Justice League's high-profile Snyder Cut, Marvel fans started to campaign for a Zemo Cut of the new show. Following a tiny funky shot in the third episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, fans expressed a strong desire for Disney to release a movie-length cut of the scene.

In Episode 3 of the Disney+ series, Falcon and the Gang head to Madripoor after breaking Zemo out of prison. In the dangerous city, the three head undercover into a nightclub in search of information. During this scene there's a short sequence of the trio dancing, but Zemo's fantabulous groove has captured fans’ hearts.

In response, Disney has released a YouTube video entitled The Zemo Cut where fans can watch an hour-long loop of the character tearing it up. In all honesty, it gets old fast, but he does be grooving pretty hard.

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What's next for Falcon and the Winter Soldier?

At the time of writing, Falcon and the Winter Soldier has just aired its fourth episode on Disney+. The show is now in its third act with just two episodes remaining until its end. Following this, Disney+ will be airing the new Loki TV show.

As for other Disney+ properties, Star Wars will be getting a new show called The Bad Batch. A follow-up to The Clone Wars, the series follows an elite group in the aftermath of Order 66.

The next episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier airs on April 16th.

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