Henry Cavill has reportedly met with Marvel for a new project

According to a source close to Small Screen, Henry Cavll recently visited the Marvel studios in London. The nature of the meetings is unknown, but it’s likely Cavill was there to discuss a new project.

Cavill has been a busy man this past year, filming for the upcoming season two of The Witcher, as well as being cast in the Matthew Vaughn’s upcoming spy film Argyyle. Netflix also confirmed that Cavill will play a much more central role in the next season of Enola Holmes. 

According to Small Screen, Cavill kicked up quite the fuss while attending Marvel’s London studio. Numerous staff flocked to see him, although COVID-19 restrictions were still adhered to.

No one has confirmed why Cavell was there, but there have been a few rumours flying around about Cavill joining the MCU for some time.

Henry Cavill as Captain Britain?

It’s been rumoured for some time that Marvel is interested in Cavell portraying Captain Britain. Other than sounding like some terrible mascot for the far-right, Captain Britain was a prominent MCU character in the 70s who was created in an attempt to penetrate the British market. 

Watchmen creator Alan Moore and the writer behind numerous X-Men characters Chris Claremont are closely associated with the character. Both writers had notable stints with Captain Britain throughout the 70s and 80s. 

It’s rumoured Marvel has been eyeing Cavell for the role for some time. Considering his broad physique and British charm, he would likely make the perfect candidate to represent the character on the big screen. 

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DC commitments 

The one thing that could be a spanner in the works is Cavill’s commitment to the DC universe. Canonically, Cavill is still technically Superman, even though he hasn’t appeared as the super hero for quite some time. 

It’s unlikely DC will want Cavill to play two major on-screen super heros at once. If Cavill really is in talks with Marvel, we can likely expect Cavill's Superman to never turn up again. If Cavill joins the MCU, this will most definitely mean the end of him donning the red and blue suit. 

As Warner Bros is currently hard at work on rebooting Superman, this is a great sign that Cavill's reign is over. While it will be sad to see the iconic Man of Steel be replaced, it will be refreshing to see Cavill elsewhere.

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