Glen Howerton reportedly eyed for Reed Richards instead of John Krasinski

Marvel's upcoming revival of the Fantastic Four needs to be perfect. After two flops — three if you count Roger Corman's unreleased mess — the comic book movie studio needs to make one hell of an impression. But who will lead the new Fantastic Four as Reed Richards? Will it be John Krasinski... or Glen Howerton?

Glen Howerton is Marvel's Reed Richards?

Reported by BGR, a recent leak revealed a possible lineup for Marvel's new version of the Fantastic Four. While fans have clamoured for John Krasinski and Emily Blunt to play Reed Richards and Sue Storm, this “leak” has other ideas.

The leaker claimed to be working on another Marvel movie: Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania. However, they claimed to have seen a number of the Fantastic Four stars. This could mean that the superhero team will pop up in the new Ant-Man movie before their own film.

Unlike previous leaks, the mysterious leaker revealed possible according for the entire superhero foursome. While the leak claims the team will be led by Always Sunny’s Glen Howerton as Reed Richards, the other members are also interesting. The leaked cast is as follows:

  • Glen Howerton as Reed Richards
  • Kristen Bell – Sue Storm
  • Chase Stokes – Johnny Storm
  • Seth Rogen – Ben Grimm

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Backed by a credible leaker...  kinda

After the leaked cast list made the rounds online, renowned Marvel leaker Main Middle Man spoke on the subject. The leaker explained that Marvel is close to revealing the final cast for the upcoming movie, but it's still a while away.

However, the leaker also explained that the cast isn't completely comprised of known stars. Instead, the new team is raid to me a mix of “famous names and unfamiliar names”. However, the actors are said to be “very talented”.

This does match up with the aforementioned leaked cast. While Seth Rogen is certainly a well-known actor, Glen Howerton and Kristen Bell are moderately known. Additionally, Chase Stokes, a Netflix actor, is barely known at all.

Even if these actors aren't involved in the new movie, they're still pretty solid picks. Howerton especially could match Reed Richards’ comic book energy. After all, Richards is the superhero equivalent of Howerton’s character Dennis in Always Sunny.

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