Emilia Clarke is well up for a decade-long MCU contract

For a franchise as complicated as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, actors are typically around for a long time. From Robert Downey Jr's Iron Man to High School Teacher Roger Harrington, everyone comes back for another appearance. For MCU newcomer Emilia Clarke, that's part of the fun.

As the actor prepares for her maiden MCU voyage in Secret Invasion, she's also preparing for a decade of work. Obviously, as one of the main actresses in HBO's long-running Game of Thrones, she's already used to recurring roles.

Emilia Clarke wants a decade of MCU roles

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Clarke explained that she is open to appearances after Secret Invasion. It’s not currently known what character the actress will play in the upcoming Disney Plus show. Consequently, it's not known how important Clarke's character will be to the future of the MCU.

When asked if she would be up for a decade of MCU work, the actress replied, “I should be so lucky.”

"I mean, I should be so lucky is what I’ll say to that. Everyone I know and everyone I’ve spoken to who is a part of the Marvel universe — and actors talk! Everyone has only the highest praise to offer. There’s a reason why actors stay in it. They’re so loved because they’re having loads of fun. So I’m down for that. Sure!"

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She loves the evolution of Marvel movies

During the interview, Clarke explained that she’s been enjoying the MCU alongside comic books. Much like the regular consumer, the actress is finding joy in seeing accurate portrayals of her favourite comic book characters. She explained that one adaptation she finds exciting is Brie Larson's Captain Marvel.

“The comics were a huge part of me, and I’ve watched the movies and loved them. I grew up with Wonder Woman, but now, you’ve got Brie Larson nailing it as Captain Marvel. So I started to see this incredible change.”

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