Marvel's Miles Morales Captain America costume is the character’s coolest look yet

Marvel's current comic run of Spider-Man has put Miles Morales to the test. Alongside being tortured to his breaking point by The Assessor, Miles is also fighting an evil Clone of himself. As generic as these storylines sound, they're pushing the wall-crawler in ways he's yet to be pushed.

In the recent run, Miles Morales has already taken a break from his superhero career. However, he was quickly forced to return to crime fighting to fight back against a Clone kidnapping his sister. As it stands, Miles is far from done being a hero, and the cover of Spider-Man #28 proves it.

Miles Morales has a new Captain America costume

For Spider-Man #28, Marvel is dressing the web-slinger as their star hero: Captain America. Unfortunately, there’s no part of the ongoing storyline that points to Miles becoming the universe's new cap. However, Marvel has now crafted an awesome new look for the hero.

In the image, Miles is swinging through New York in his awesome Cap suit. The entire costume has a slight blue tint which works beautifully with the classic Spider-Man design. Furthermore, the costumes red, white and blue accenting fits remarkably.

Of course, the costume also has a big white star emblazoned on the chest. Lastly, no Captain America costume would be complete without the iconic Vibranium shield.

Spider man Captain America 2
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Will he actually wear this?

Unfortunately, the new Miles Morales Captain America suit might just be for show. Marvel often makes awesome cover art for cover art’s sake. However, as Miles is currently fighting off multiple clones in the ongoing storyline.

With four different Miles Moraleses running around, there's no reason why one of them couldn't dress as Cap. However, they would also have to get their hands on the superhero’s shield. Now that would be a fun comic.

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