Daredevil will be “everywhere” in the MCU ahead of solo project

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe were given a miraculous gift before the Christmas break. In Spider-Man: No Way Home, the impossible became possible when Charlie Cox returned as Daredevil to defend Peter Parker.

After the cancellation of Cox's Netflix series, it was uncertain whether or not fans would ever see the British actor don the cowl again. However, not only is Cox back, but so is co-actor Vincent D'Onofrio as Kingpin. Even better, Marvel has massive plans for both of them.

2022 is the Year of Daredevil

Reported by Murphy’s Multiverse, who previously leaked Daredevil's appearance in No Way Home, Daredevil will have a massive presence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While many expected the character to have a mild impact on the universe, it looks like the opposite is true.

In the next year alone, The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen will be in a multitude of Marvel projects. For example, the character is expected to have a massive presence in She-Hulk, a legal comedy show. Murphy’s Multiverse reports that Matt Murdoch and Jennifer Walters will be “"facing off in a court case involving a superhero tailor".

Additionally, Matt Murdoch is expected to appear in even more Marvel shows. The outlet reports that the vigilante will appear in Echo, an upcoming Marvel show involving Echo and Kingpin. Finally, the site claims that he’ll also appear in Ironheart and Moon Knight.

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A solo project is on the way

MM claims that Marvel is looking to involve Daredevil in as many projects as possible to prepare audiences for a new solo project. At the moment, it's unclear if the Netflix show is canon in the MCU.

It looks like Marvel is looking to create a new canon for Matt Murdoch without necessarily invalidating the Netflix show. This means that Marvel will be creating a baseline introduction for the character across multiple projects to prepare people who didn't watch the Netflix show for future films.

These introductions will then lead into the already leaked Daredevil solo outing. This solo storyline will likely be a Disney Plus show instead of a theatrical film. While it’s unfortunate that the character won't get a theatrical movie, Daredevil is more suited towards television that film.

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