Captain America 4 rumoured to focus on the United States’ structural racism

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was a huge moment for Marvel. Steve Rogers handing over the iconic shield to Sam Wilson was the start of a new wave of superheroes. As the new Captain America, fans are already wondering what could happen in a potential Captain America 4 movie.

Reportedly, there are currently plans for a Captain America 4 at Marvel. While it won't be called that, the fourth cap movie will allegedly be an important political statement for Disney. In fact, the movie will reportedly delve deeper into the United States’ inherent racism than the recent show did.

Captain America 4 focuses on racism

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was not shy when it came to its portrayal of racism. Despite being an Avenger, Sam Wilson is still racially profiled by cops. Secondly, the show even goes as far as to explore the treatment of Black soldiers during Vietnam. Isaiah Bradley, the MCU's secret second Captain America, is used to explore this. Bradley recalls how his fight for the United States left him with nothing but pain as the country betrayed him.

Falcon and the Winter Soldier has a hopeful ending. Firstly, it shows Sam Wilson, a black man, become the symbol of America despite the unfair criticism he'll receive. Secondly, it ends giving Isaiah Bradley the recognition he deserved in the Cap Museum. However, as we all know, racism can't just be fixed in an instant.

Much like The Winter Soldier’s depiction of Hydra – MCU Nazis – in the American government, Captain America 4 will focus on the US' structural racism. Reported by Giant Freaking Robot, the movie will focus on Sam Wilson's struggles as the new icon of America.

Reportedly, the movie could see the return of Isaiah Bradley and grandson Eli. Perhaps the movie could touch on Bradley's life after being recognised as a key part of the shield’s legacy. Will the American public believe him? Hopefully, we’ll even be able to see the older ex-Cap in action.

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More diversity in the MCU

According to Giant Freaking Robot, Captain America actor Anthony Mackie is reportedly pushing for more MCU diversity. Mackie allegedly wants more women and people of colour in important roles for Captain America 4. Perhaps the movie will see the return of Joaquin Torres as the successor to Sam Wilson as the Falcon.

Whatever the case, a new Captain America movie would be great to see on the big screen. To solidify Sam Wilson as the new Captain America, a MCU movie would be a fantastic inclusion to the universe.

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