Andrew Garfield isn't sure if he'd want to return as Peter Parker

Andrew Garfield was a controversial Spider-Man. Following Sam Raimi's beloved trilogy was a hard act, but Garfield's different take on Peter Parker also had to take on the MCU. Add in a splash of studio interference and the series was bound to have a rocky road ahead.

Years after his role as the web slinger, Andrew Garfield is still a beloved Peter Parker by many. While not loved by all, Garfield's portrayal of the character certainly struck a chord with many fans. As such, they've wanted him to return, but is that what he wants?

Andrew Garfield isn't sure if he'd want to play Spider-Man again

In an interview with ET, Garfield revealed that he hasn't thought about being Spider-Man again since the cancellation of his series. With the actor confirmed to not be returning for No Way Home, he might never be the character again.  

“It's weird,” Garfield said about returning as Peter Parker. "It's not something I've really thought about because I closed the book on it for myself and I haven't had to think about. "So, it's not something that I've really considered. Yeah, that's my honest answer."

Intriguingly, some multiverse shenanigans are definitely happening for Marvel's Spider-Man No Way Home. While the appearance of Toby Maguire as Raimi's Spider-Man isn't confirmed, other characters are returning. Alfred Molina as Dr Octopus is essentially confirmed and Jamie Foxx's Electro is highly rumoured. But would Foxx's Electro work without Garfield’s Spidey?

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Is there room for that Peter Parker?

Marvel's multiverse shenanigans could lead to a lot of interesting directions for the character of Spider-Man. With Tom Holland's contact ending after No Way Home, there's room for Marvel and Sony to be creative with the character. Holland has also expressed that he will take a break from the character after this new film.

Currently, the MCU is in the process of passing the torch over to new interpretations of beloved characters. Sam Wilson is now Captain America; there's going to be a new Black Panther; Ironheart will take over from Iron Man. With Tom Holland's Spidey already well established in the MCU, is it time for a new wall crawler? Perhaps a live-action Miles Morales?

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