Scarlet Witch has a “tremendous amount of guilt" over Westview in Doctor Strange 2

Marvel's WandaVision was undoubtedly one of the best MCU offerings to date. Not only does the show focus on a vastly overlooked Marvel character, but it's one of the series' best stories. Of course, the show's events have also had a huge impact on the character of the Scarlet Witch.

Every action in the MCU is supposed to have consequences for the future of the franchise. With that in mind, how does Wanda Maximoff's actions have an effect on that character going forward? Well, Scarlet Witch actress Elizabeth Olsen has weighed in on the subject.

Scarlet Witch feels guilty over Westview

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Olsen explained that the actions Wanda committed in the show do affect her. With the end of WandaVision showing the character’s full transformation into the Scarlet Witch, fans have wondered how far gone she is. Is she instantly pure evil? Apparently not.

“She had to get away before the people who have to hold her accountable got there,” Olsen explained. “And where she went is a place that no one could find her. Because she knows that she is going to be held accountable, and I think she has a tremendous amount of guilt.”

With this in mind, there's hope for a redemption arc in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. Wanda already tried to save Westview in WandaVision's finale, but the ex-Avenger knows that is enough. However, with the character delving into the Multiverse to presumably rescue her children, will she care about good and evil?

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Will Wanda be redeemed in the MCU?

With WandaVision's focus on grief, it would be a shame to see subtlety removed in favour of a stereotypical villain. In fact, the Doctor Strange sequel gives Disney an opportunity to leave viewers with a positive message of redemption. After all, the studio certainly borked that same message in Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker.

Wanda has been through a lot in the MCU. While her journey has been full of pain, the character has always been pushed towards good at the last moment. Will Doctor Strange 2 continue this trend? Or will the Scarlet Witch remain a villain at the film's end?

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