Cyberpunk-style tech has given sight to a blind man

Technology is always advancing and improving.

It's not just stuff regarding what we normally report on, so computers, mobiles, and consoles, it's everything.

As we move further into what technology can do, and also find new ways of integrating technology in a way that can improve human life dramatically.

Things like this, where one man has got artificial eyes that have given him sight again.

Technology is pretty amazing these days

The news story was reported by Israel Hayom, and it states that "A 78-year-old man who has been blind in both eyes for 10 years has regained his sight after receiving the first implant of an artificial cornea developed by Israeli startup CorNeat, the company announced Monday." The procedure was performed by Professor Irit Bahar, the head of the Ophthalmology Department at Rabin Medical Center.

The item is designed to replace faulty corneas, and apparently integrates with the eyewall with no need for donor tissue.

After the operation, the patient was apparently able to not only recognise family members, but even able to read text, which is an astounding feat of medicine. It also means that this man is now a cyborg.

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What is a cyborg?

That probably sounds a little out there for some people, but cyborgs are kind of everywhere now. The term cyborg is a portmanteau of cybernetic organism, and basically can be used to denote any living thing enhanced by technology.

While the specifics can obviously be debated depending on the circumstances, it would actually not be that out of line to suggest that anybody who wears glasses or uses a hearing aid is a cyborg.

You could even argue that, given our reliance on the technology, anybody with a smartphone is a cyborg. So that's fun.

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