Cyberpunk 2077 funeral: You might have missed the "most emotional mission" in the game

Despite all its flaws, Cyberpunk 2077 is a fairly sprawling game, and it's surprisingly easy to miss one particular event that is now described by Forbes as the "most emotional mission" in the game.

BE WARNED, though: this article contains a major spoiler for act one of the game, so only keep on reading if you want to learn about what this mission is and how you might've missed it.

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If you're wondering what we're talking about, and you don't mind an act-one spoiler, read on...

What is this missable mission, and how do you access it?

Jackie Welles is a character that lots of fans learn to love in the opening hours of Cyberpunk 2077, but his untimely death wasn't actually the end of his story. That is, if you choose the right conversation options.

It turns out that, after Jackie's death, players can attend his funeral and visit his bedroom. You can mingle with his loved ones and learn more about the man that made you feel welcome in Night City.

However, you will miss this chunk of story if you pick the wrong option in a preceding conversation. When you're asked what to do with Jackie's corpse, do NOT send Jackie's mortal remains to Vic the Ripperdoc. Instead, send Jackie's body to his mum, which will earn you an invite to the emotional memorial of the man himself.

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VIDEO: Watch the mission here

If you missed Jackie's funeral and don't want to play through the whole game/reload an earlier save in order to see it, fear not - this being the modern age, there are numerous ways in which you can relive it online.

The video above, posted by Video Game Sophistry, is just one place in which you can watch Jackie's funeral online. This isn't exactly the same as playing it for yourself, but the touching sentiment of the tributes will still come across.

There's also a lovely write-up on Forbes, which made us aware of this mission in the first place. But hey, whichever way you choose to attend his wake, join us in raising a glass to Jackie Welles - possibly the nicest criminal in Night City!

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