Sir Anthony Hopkins continues pro-NFT posts, angering the internet

Beloved movie star Sir Anthony Hopkins has been caught in the crossfires of the crypto art industry, becoming another celebrity mouthpiece for NFTs. As NFTs continue their controversial internet tirade, dredged with plagiarism, fraud and scams, many of the elderly actor’s fans have criticised the Oscar-winner for his stance on the subject.

Anthony Hopkins goes an in on NFTs

Sir Anthony Hopkins was one of the first big celebrities to get roped into the NFT craze last year. In 2021, the award-winning actor starred in Zero Contact, a film sold only as an NFT.

Filmed through Zoom calls, the “thriller” premiered exclusively on NFT platform to low sales. The movie then released in cinemas as well as on blu-ray and VoD, making the NFT release even more worthless than it was originally. The movie received largely negative reviews for being absolute tosh.

Since the release of the movie, Hopkins has increased his support of crypto and NFTs. The 84-year-old actor officially changed his twitter handle to AHopkins.eth, a reference to the Ethereum cryptocurrency.

In a recent tweet, the actor put out a call to other pro-crypto celebrities for recommendations to acquire his first NFT. Hopkins tagged Snoop Dogg, who removed Music from streaming services to sell as NFTs, as well as Jimmy Fallon, who peddled his Bored Ape NFT on live TV in a truly embarrassing display. He also tagged Reese Witherspoon, but not self-proclaimed “Queen of the Metaverse” Paris Hilton.

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The Vultures came to feast

Of course, Hopkins’ tweet was immediately met with responses from both sides of the crypto argument. Immediately, at the mention of NFTs, the crypto bros came to feast, peddling their own NFT lines that look like a 9-year-old’s pixel art or a picture of a pickle.

However, fans of the beloved Hannibal (and less-beloved Transformers: The Last Knight) expressed their disappointment at his promotion of the crypto industry. Some fans are even convinced that the tweet was constructed by a manager without the actor’s knowledge. Others believed it was “elder abuse”.

Amid the confusion and disappointment that the beloved actor would back a predatory industry, some used the comments section to post anti-NFT memes. One meme included an AI generated selection of “sh*tty apes I can use to scam an Oscar winner”, mocking the Bored Ape NFTs.

It is disheartening to see Anthony Hopkins get roped into NFT nonsense, as well as other celebrities. With the entire crypto art industry flopping at the time of writing, at least it might have a funny ending.

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