Bored Ape NFT restaurant stops taking crypto, only physical money

Influencers and cryptobros alike have tried to convince everyone that virtual currency and assets are the future. That crypto-craze even resulted in the Bored and Hungry restaurant, a Bored Ape NFT eatery made to appeal to these crypto bros.

Fast forward to a recent crash in the Crypto Market and the Bored Ape restaurant is no longer accepting crypto payments. Yes, this is genuinely one of the funniest stories we have ever heard.

Only US dollars, please

According to The Los Angeles Times, this Bored Ape restaurant will no longer take cryptocurrency due to the aforementioned crypto crash. Despite being an establishment designed to take advantage of cryptocurrency, it will now only take US dollars.

Restaurant owner Andy Nguyen didn't respond to questions surrounding the situation. However, a cashier at the eatery was questioned in person, but they only gave vague answers.

The events at hand are reminiscent of pretty much every other physical crypto venture. For example, the country of El Salvador decided to officially back crypto as an official currency, creating Bitcoin Beach. It did not go well.

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No one’s worried (or cares)

Most of us expected crypto bros to think that this is the end of the world but it turns out this change in direction for the Bored Ape restaurant hasn’t really fazed them. That or they’re just putting on a brave face. Either way, it seems that little was lost when this announcement was made and there’s more to be gained in the future.

Some fans think that cryptocurrency is more for other ventures like NFTs rather than burgers and other things people eat in the Bored Ape restaurant. One person who’s invested in crypto even said "Yes, Ethereum is a currency in a way where you can exchange NFTs and stuff … but as far as buying food and all that, maybe not."

Overall, nothing was lost or gained. We hope no one loses their job over this but it is fun seeing a crypto venture fail.

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