How To Fix Warzone Keeps Crashing On PS4: What To Do If Warzone Keeps Crashing And Freezing

How To Fix Warzone Keeps Crashing On PS4: What To Do If Warzone Keeps Crashing And Freezing

How To Fix Warzone Keeps Crashing On PS4: What To Do If Warzone Keeps Crashing And Freezing

If your Warzone keeps crashing on PS4 and ruins your chance at winning, here's how to stop this annoying error.

This isn't the first time we've covered Call of Duty: Warzone crashing, with Memory Error 0 1766 also causing a similar issue. However, while this is sometimes to blame, often the issue comes from elsewhere. Warzone goes from being the fluid, dynamic FPS game beloved by millions, to something that looks like a crude, jerky '80s animation.

So, other than hurling your PS4 joypad across the room in a fit of rage, is there anything you can do?

Here are our top tips, if your PS4 and Warzone don't seem to be getting on very well.

How To Fix Warzone Crashing PS4

If you find yourself plagued by constant crashes, these are the top things you can try, to hopefully remedy the situation.

  • The first and most obvious step is to restart your console, to see if this fixes the issue. In many cases, this will be sufficient. Turning the console off and leaving it for 30 seconds to a minute can also clear the system cache, in case there are corrupted files.
  • If not, the next step is to make sure that all your system software is fully up to date. If the system software has not been updated for a while, this can affect the game. To check this:
    • Select the Home button in the center of the controller.
    • Scroll up and select Settings.
    • Select System Software Update.
  • Should you find that updating the software is unsuccessful, then the next tip is to check the hardware. Most typically, if you are using a physical game disc, then you need to check this for dirt or damage. Try cleaning the disc with a clean, soft cloth. If your disc is covered in scratches or cracks, then the issue might be terminal. You can test this by trying the disc in anotherPS4. If it still doesn't work, you will either need to replace the disc or get a digital copy of the game.
  • Ensuring your PS4 is in a cool, well-ventilated spot is key. If your console overheats, it will shut itself down to protect its components. If your console seems to be getting hot really quickly, there may be an issue with the hardware. Consider contacting Sony for a repair.

There is another, more significant way that may help fix your Warzone.

Consider deleting saved game data

If none of the above has resolved the problem, then it might be time to think about more drastic measures.

You can try deleting saved game data. If the data itself has become corrupted, this can also be a common cause of crashes. Deleting saved game data will mean you lose all your progress. But if you can't actually play the game, that probably doesn't matter. To do this:

  • Open the Settings menu
  • Select Storage > System Storage
  • Choose Saved Data
  • Select the relevant game
  • Press the Options button then Delete
  • Choose the files you want to delete, then select Delete

If this option still doesn't fix the problem, and other games indicate that your console is in good order, then it might be time to contact PlayStation Support for further assistance.

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Why Does Warzone Keep Crashing?

As we noted earlier, there are times when a crash is caused by a specific error. But we're looking at what to do when this isn't the case. There is a wide range of reasons why your PS4 might not be working with Warzone. Some of the most common include:

  • Error Code CE-34878-0. This is a generic error, which simply means that the game has crashed, for a non-specific reason
  • Out-of-date system software
  • A dirty or damaged game disc
  • Corrupted game data
  • An overheating console

Luckily, through the tips we mentioned above, you should be able to resolve the Warzone crashing issue and get back into a smooth gameplay session with no pesky crashes.

In case you aren't aware, Warzone 2 is coming to PlayStation, Xbox and PC and the game is going to be free to play. Check out Warzone 2 system requirements to see if your PC can run the game.

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