How to fix Call of Duty: Warzone Memory Error 0 1766: Stop Warzone crashes on Xbox, PlayStation and PC

The immensely successful COD franchise continues to churn out content and updates like an angry volcano made of guns. While most of the time that content is great, occasionally an error code slips in, frustrating players all over the world as they attempt to play. Warzone Memory Error 0 1766 is yet another example. If Warzone has thrown this error-shaped grenade your way, then consider us the trusty body armour to protect you from it detonating. Here is what we know about error code 0 1766.

What is Memory Error 0 1766?

This error seems to have become more prevalent after the most recent update to Warzone. It seems particularly common for Xbox One and Series X|S users. Rather than just causing an annoying glitch, it causes the game to crash completely. In extreme examples, it seems to cause the Xbox to shut down all together.

Activision have acknowledged this as a "Known Issue" meaning they are looking into a fix. They just haven't found one yet. But even though Activision haven't managed to stop this error from occurring, there are some troubleshooting tips you can follow. These will hopefully minimise the chances of you suffering from this particular problem.

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How to fix Memory Error 0 1766

While it should be noted that these fixes may not work for everyone, some people have found that they seem to make a difference. Until Activision can identify the root cause and provide a fix, then trying to reduce the chances of this error hitting you, is about as much as you can do. There are four tips that seem to be proving effective:

  • Microsoft recommend closing any games or apps that may be running in the background. To do this, go to your Home screen. Navigate to your most recently run game and highlight it. Press the Menu button, and select Quit.
  • You can also try clearing the Mac address. For this:
    • Go to Settings > Network Settings > Advanced Settings > Alternate Mac address > Clear it
    • The console should then restart. It's also advised that you restart your internet router while the console is restarting
  • Some players have found that restricting their game resolution to 1080p has also somehow resolved the error.
  • Others have found that turning off HDR has also helped.

Will this fix everything?

Again, while we can't guarantee these tips will work for everyone, it's worth giving them a go to see if they help. Otherwise, it's a case of waiting for Activision to figure out the problem and provide a solution.

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