Xbox Series X vs PS5 price: which next-gen console is cheaper? Should you consider the PS5 Digital Edition or Xbox Series S Lockhart?

We've got a couple of months left before we can get our hands on the Xbox Series X and PS5, but we should hopefully be finding out how much they'll cost a bit sooner than that.

This is especially true as we start to see rumours, price listings, and other kinds of speculation appearing about this matter.

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It's not just how well they'll play, or whether or not one is more powerful than the other. Sometimes you just want to know which one is cheaper because life is expensive, and saving a bit of money on the console means you've got more money to spend on games, or pizza, or cat toys.

With that, here's what we know about the prices of the Xbox Series X and the PS5...

Xbox Series X price

The Xbox Series X price was unveiled in September at £449, a very affordable price for a next-gen console, and making it head to head with the Disk Version of the PlayStation 5.

Bailey believes that "Prices for both machines.... in particular, is such a major psychological hurdle that I think we'll see manufacturers absorb any extra costs rather than risk crossing that".

Meanwhile, Microsoft also confirmed the price for the Xbox Series S thanks to a leak on Twitter, the company's cheaper alternative in the next-gen console war. The Series S will cost $299 USD (or £249 GBP).

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PS5 vs Xbox
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WALLET DESTROYERS: Buying a PS5 or an Xbox Series X will not be cheap.

PS5 price

After Sony's event on the 16th September, we finally got confirmation of the release date for both variants of the PlayStation 5, and the prices.

The Standard Edition PS5 will cost £449.99, while in other regions there are prices of €499.99, and $499.99.

Meanwhile, the Digital Edition PS5 will cost £359.99, while in other regions translates to $399.99 and €399.99.

While there's no monthly plan for each variant as yet, it does set up the 'Digital Edition' console to be well-aligned as an entry-point into 'true' next-gen land.

The Xbox Series S is seen as next-gen for 1080P, but here, there's no compromise with the PlayStation 5; only in the disk drive. So the only question you need to ask is, which console will you gain the most enjoyment out of?

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