Samsung S95C vs Samsung QN90C - which TV should you buy?

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Samsung S95C vs Samsung QN90C - An image of the S95C and QN90C

If you find yourself torn between the S95C and QN90C as your potential smart TV choices, our Samsung S95C vs Samsung QN90C comparison guide is here to simplify your decision-making process.

Released in 2023, the S95C and the QN90C stand as premier offerings in Samsung's distinguished lineup of QD-OLED and QLED TVs, respectively. Grasping their distinctions and specifications will aid you in determining which one is a better fit for you.

Join us as we unravel the intricacies of the Samsung S95C vs Samsung QN90C debate, ensuring that your final decision is an empowered one.

Samsung S95C vs Samsung QN90C - specs and key differences

Both the Samsung S95C and QN90C stand as shining examples of 4K resolution brilliance, crafted by one of the best TV brands in the industry. However, these two stellar models do exhibit significant differences that can greatly influence your choice.

The main difference between the Samsung S95C and the Samsung QN90C lies in their display technology. The Samsung S95C boasts a QD-OLED display, while the Samsung QN90C features a QLED panel. (See our QLED vs QD-OLED comparison)

Samsung S95C Samsung QN90C
Display TechnologyQD-OLEDQLED
Size Options55-,65-,and 77-inch43-,50-,55-,65-,77-,83-inch
Resolution3,840 x 2,160 (4K)3,840 x 2,160 (4K)
Refresh Rate144 Hz120 Hz
Brightness performanceGoodSuperior
Contrast and black levelsSuperiorGood
LifespanRelatively shorterLonger
HDMI 2.1Yes, On all four portsYes, On all four ports
FreeSyncYes, FreeSync Premium ProYes, FreeSync Premium Pro
G-Sync CompatibleNoNo

This display technology difference leads to distinct picture performance variations. The QN90C's QLED offers a wider colour gamut and better brightness, while the S95C's QD-OLED provides better contrast and deeper blacks.

Another noteworthy contrast between these two models lies in their refresh rates. The S95C boasts an impressive 144 Hz refresh rate, while the QN90C offers a slightly lower yet still remarkable refresh rate of 120 Hz.

It's also worth noting that the premium S95C includes the One Connect Box, whereas the QN90C doesn't come with this hardware.

Samsung S95C vs Samsung QN90C - price

The Samsung S95C offers a selection of 3 size options, whereas the Samsung QN90C provides a broader range with 6 size choices. The Samsung QN90C is overall slightly cheaper than their S95C model, but depends on the size of course.

The price range for the Samsung S95C starts at $2,499 and reaches up to $4,499. In contrast, the Samsung QN90C is priced between $1,119 at its starting point and goes up to $3,999 for the higher-end options.

Here is the breakdown of the prices of each model:

Samsung S95C Samsung QN90C

Please note that the prices of both the Samsung S95C and Samsung QN90C models may vary based on regions, individual retailers, and any ongoing promotional offers or discounts.

Samsung S95C vs Samsung QN90C - gaming

Both the S95C and QN90C shine with swift response times, HDMI 2.1 support across all four ports, and VRR capabilities, positioning them as the best gaming TVs in 2023.

While the S95C holds a higher refresh rate compared to the QN90C, it's worth considering that current-gen consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X won't be able to harness the benefits of the 144 Hz refresh rate.

For PC gamers, both options are enticing. They come equipped with FreeSync Premium Pro support, which enhances gameplay. However, akin to other Samsung models, neither is G-Sync Compatible.

When all factors are considered, the QN90C gains favour among gamers due to its availability in smaller sizes like 43 and 50 inches - considered ideal for gaming TVs.

In contrast, the smallest S95C is 55 inches, which, while suitable for gaming, might not align with the preferences of many gamers.

Which TV should you buy?


The decision between the Samsung S95C and the Samsung QN90C depends on your specific priorities and preferences.

If you have a generous budget, prioritize top-tier TV quality, and aim to future-proof your entertainment setup, the Samsung S95C is the recommended choice.

However, if you're seeking a more budget-friendly TV option without sacrificing picture quality, and one that is suitable for close-range gaming, the Samsung QN90C is a solid and appealing choice.

And that concludes our Samsung S95C vs Samsung QN90C comparison guide. Before you finalize your decision, be sure to explore our comparison of Samsung S95C vs Samsung S95B and Samsung S90C vs S95C.

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