Samsung QN95C - specs, price, reviews, gaming, and more

An image of Samsung QN95C TV
Credit: Samsung

An image of Samsung QN95C TV
Credit: Samsung

The Samsung QN95C represents a significant leap forward in picture quality compared to its predecessor.

In fact, the Mini-LED TV blurs the lines between LED and OLED, boasting picture quality that rivals its OLED counterparts. The TV delivers an extraordinary visual experience that will leave you questioning whether you're watching an OLED display.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the impressive specifications of the Samsung QN95C, explore its pricing options, dissect the reviews from experts, and dive deep into its gaming capabilities.

Samsung QN95C specs

Samsung QN95C
Sizes available
55, 65, 75 and 85 inches
3,840 x 2,160
Refresh Rate
100Hz (Up to 144Hz)
Around 1000 nits Over 2000 nits in a 10% window
Input lag
Under 10ms
Gaming Features
HDMI 2.1, AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, HGiG, ALLM, HDR 10+ gaming

The Samsung QN95C is a 4K QLED TV featuring Mini-LED technology, which elevates the visual experience with its superior backlighting capabilities.

With an impressive increase in local dimming zones, totalling 1344 compared to its predecessor's 720 zones, the TV offers enhanced control over lighting, resulting in a stunning combination of brightness and deep black levels.

The QN95C's brightness is truly remarkable, rivalling even Samsung's 2000-nit monster S95C QD-OLED TV. Its exceptional luminance ensures that you won't notice any discernible difference between the two, providing a display that dazzles with its brilliance and clarity.

Overall, the Samsung QN95C proves to be a remarkable QLED TV, boasting an impressive picture quality that sets it apart from the competition. If you desire an OLED-like experience without the premium price tag, the QN95C stands out as a top-notch option.

Samsung QN95C price

The Samsung QN95C is available in four size options: 65 inches, 55 inches, 75 inches, and 85 inches, each with its own price tag, catering to a variety of preferences and budgets.

Here's a detailed breakdown of the Samsung QN95C QLED TV models and their corresponding prices:


It is important to note that the prices mentioned here may vary depending on the region, retailer, and ongoing promotions.

Not sure which size suits you best? We've got you covered! Check out our "What Size TV Should I Buy?" guide for expert advice and insights to help you make the perfect choice for your viewing needs.

Is Samsung QN95C good for gaming?

Yes, Samsung QN95C is good for gaming. In fact, it is one of the best gaming TVs, boasting impressive features that elevate the gaming experience.

The Samsung QN95C offers a native 100Hz refresh rate that extends up to 144Hz using AMD FreeSync Premium Pro technology. The high refresh rate guarantees smoother motion and more lifelike visuals, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

All four of its HDMI ports fully support the 48Gbps implementation of the HDMI 2.1 standard. By utilizing HDMI 2.1, the TV can handle 4K content at refresh rates up to 120Hz. Furthermore, it enables features like VRR and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM).

The Samsung QN95C boasts an incredibly low input lag, measuring just under 10ms when in Game mode with 1080p/60 sources. QN95C's swift response time provides a crucial advantage in fast-paced games and competitive online gaming.

Samsung QN95C reviews

The Samsung QN95C has received rave reviews from both users and prominent tech websites.

Renowned platforms such as Tech Radar, What Hi-Fi, and Trusted Reviews have awarded it an impressive 5-star rating, highlighting its exceptional performance and picture quality.

With its outstanding reviews, the Samsung QN95C is a TV you can confidently consider purchasing. Whether you seek a gaming TV or a TV to watch movies and series, Samsung's QN95C stands as the best choice.

And that covers our comprehensive guide on Samsung QN95C. If you are looking for a more affordable TV, Sony X90K and Sony X90L are two options worth considering.

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