Samsung One Connect Box explained

A picture of the Samsung One Connect Box
Credit: Samsung

A picture of the Samsung One Connect Box
Credit: Samsung

If you're currently on the hunt for a new Samsung TV, you've likely encountered a compelling addition – the Samsung One Connect Box.

While certain smart TV models, particularly those in the high-end category, include this hardware as a standard offering, others do not. However, you do have the choice to obtain the One Connect Box as an additional accessory. But what is it and do you really need it?

In this guide, we aim to cover everything about the Samsung One Connect Box. We'll explore how it works, its advantages, and potential drawbacks to help you make an informed decision.

What is the Samsung One Connect Box for?

The Samsung One Connect Box is designed to simplify the connectivity and cable management of the TV by housing most of the ports and connections in a separate external box, rather than directly on the TV itself.

Rather than directly connecting all your speakers, streaming players, gaming consoles, and other devices to your Samsung TV, you can connect them to the One Connect Box first, and subsequently connect the box to your TV.

Overall, the One Connect Box provides an elegant solution for cable management, aesthetic appeal, and ease of use. It's especially beneficial if you want to achieve a clean and clutter-free entertainment setup.

Is the Samsung One Connect Box worth it?

If you seek a clean setup with minimal visible cables, the One Connect Box can be worth it. It simplifies cable management and offers the convenience of connecting devices to a single hub.

This setup is particularly advantageous if you plan to wall-mount your TV, as it is relatively hard to connect devices to the back of the TV when it's mounted on the wall. In this case, the One Connect Box enhances both the aesthetics and practicality of your entertainment setup.

That said, it is worth mentioning that the One Connect Boxes aren’t the most reliable devices and troubleshooting connectivity issues would be a hassle due to multiple connection points. Moreover, replacement boxes cost upwards of $500.

Therefore, weigh down the cost considerations against the advantages offered by the Samsung One Connect Box prior to making a decision.


Does Samsung One Connect Box power the TV?

Yes, the Samsung One Connect Box provides power to the TV. However, there are certain TVs that have a separate power outlet which you can use to directly power the TV instead of relying on the One Connect Box for power delivery.

Can I use my TV without One Connect Box?

The answer depends on your TV model. Some models such as the Samsung S95C require the use of a One Connect Box and cannot function without it. On the other hand, models such as the Samsung S90C work without the One Connect Box.

Can I run the One Connect cable in a wall?

The One Connect cable is not rated to be run in a wall. But yeah, you can run the One Connect cable in a wall, given the hole is large enough to accommodate the connector at both ends of the wire.

And that covers everything about the Samsung One Connect Box. While you are here, check out our Samsung S90C vs S95C comparison guide if you are looking for OLED Samsung TV.

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