LG M4 OLED - release date, specs, and everything we know

An image of a wall-mounted LG M4 OLED TV

An image of a wall-mounted LG M4 OLED TV

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LG has finally unveiled its 2024 OLED lineup, featuring the B4, C4, G4, and the much-anticipated M4 models. Among these, the LG M4 OLED TV stands out as a beacon for those who covet the ultimate viewing experience.

Last year, LG's Product Manager for OLED TVs emphasised a commitment to creating the best gaming TVs. Upon examining the unveiled specifications, the LG M4 appears to fulfil this promise, catering specifically to the needs and expectations of the gaming community with its advanced features.

In this guide, we delve into everything you need to know about the LG M4 OLED TV, from its highly anticipated release date to the intricate details of its specifications.

LG M4 OLED predicted release date

LG has yet to announce the LG M4 OLED TV's release date, but it's set to debut at CES 2024 in January. This points to a likely release in late 2024, possibly in Q3, following LG's usual release patterns for M series OLED TVs.

The LG M3, which is the model preceding the LG M4, was unveiled at CES 2023 in January and then launched in August/September of that year. Assuming LG follows this pattern with the M4, its release could be expected around September 2024.

LG M4 OLED specs

Screen Size
65", 77", 83", and 97"
Panel Technology
65", 77", 83" - MLA OLED | 97" - WOLED
Refresh Rate
65", 77", 83" - 144Hz | 97" - 120Hz
α (Alpha) 11 AI processor
Additional Features
LG Zero Connect box and 5-year warranty

The LG M4 OLED TV series is available in four sizes: 65 inches, 77 inches, 83 inches, and 97 inches. For panel technology, the 65-inch, 77-inch, and 83-inch models feature MLA OLED, while the 97-inch model utilises WOLED.

Regarding the refresh rate, the 65-inch, 77-inch, and 83-inch TVs boast a 144Hz refresh rate, whereas the 97-inch model has a 120Hz refresh rate. This high refresh rate places M4 in direct competition with the Samsung S90C and S95C, which also feature 144Hz capabilities.

All models in the series are equipped with the Alpha 11 AI processor, enabling 70% higher graphic performance and 30% faster processing speed than its predecessors. Additionally, the LG M4 comes with the LG Zero Connect Box and is backed by a 5-year panel warranty.

That covers everything we know about the LG M4 OLED TV. While you are here, check out the TCL X955 Mini-LED TV and Hisense UXN Mini-LED TV.

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