LG G3 vs LG G2 - is it worth upgrading?

LG G3 vs LG G2 - An image of a wall-mounted LG G2 TV

LG G3 vs LG G2 - An image of a wall-mounted LG G2 TV

If you're contemplating whether to take the leap to the LG G3 or stick with the trusty LG G2, we have put together an in-depth LG G3 vs LG G2 comparison to help you make an informed decision.

The LG G2 OLED was a trailblazer in its time, setting new standards for performance and design. Now, with the LG G3 OLED stepping into the spotlight, boasting enhanced features and cutting-edge technology, it's natural to wonder if it's worth upgrading.

In this guide, we'll do an LG G3 vs LG G2 showdown to explore the differences between these LG powerhouses and assist you in deciding whether an upgrade is worth it.

LG G3 vs LG G2 - specs and key differences

55, 65, 77, and 83-inch
55, 65, 77, 83, 97-inch
3,840 x 2,160
3,840 x 2,160
Refresh Rate
Around 2000 nits
Around 1400 nits
DTS audio format
Not supported
Picture Processor
α9 AI Processor 4K Gen6
α9 AI Processor 4K Gen5

Both the LG G3 and G2 TVs share the exact resolution, refresh rate, and gaming features, making them comparable in these aspects. The key distinctions between LG G3 and LG G2 lie in brightness and audio support.


The LG G3 TV has an impressive peak brightness of just over 2000 nits, putting it on par with Samsung's QD-OLED TV S95C. Whether HDR or SDR content, the G3's superior brightness capabilities ensure that every scene is displayed with stunning clarity and detail.

On the other hand, the LG G2 TV boasts a still impressive peak brightness of up to 1000 nits. While it may not match the brightness prowess of its successor, the G2's OLED display delivers admirable visual performance, providing viewers with vibrant colours.

Audio support

The LG G3 TV comes with support for DTS audio formats. This enhancement is particularly valuable for audiophiles and movie enthusiasts who frequently indulge in DVDs or Blu-rays, as these media often encode audio tracks in DTS format.

While the LG G2 TV offers a satisfying audio experience, it lacks the DTS audio format support found in its successor. This means that people who frequently enjoy DVDs or Blu-rays might miss out on the enhanced audio realism that DTS encoding can provide.

LG G3 vs LG G2 - price

The LG G2 is available in five different sizes, whereas the LG G3 comes in four sizes. This variation in size options allows consumers to choose the one that best fits their space and requirements.

Here is the breakdown of the prices of each model:


Please note that the prices of both the LG G3 and LG G2 models may vary based on regions, individual retailers, and any ongoing promotional offers or discounts.

Is it worth upgrading?

For most people, the incremental differences between the LG G3 and LG G2 TVs, mainly in terms of brightness and DTS audio support, may not justify an upgrade.

That said, if you highly value superior brightness and enhanced visual performance, along with DTS audio support for a more immersive audio experience, then the upgrade to the LG G3 could be worthwhile.

The significant increase in peak brightness (just over 2000 nits) compared to the LG G2 (just over 1000 nits) will provide a more vibrant and captivating viewing experience, especially in well-lit environments and when watching high dynamic range content.

However, if these new enhancements are not of utmost importance to you, and you are satisfied with the performance of your current LG G2 TV, it may not be necessary to upgrade. You will be better off sticking with the LG G2.

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