Tesla FSD AI update was so riddled with critical bugs it made cars “undrivable”

Tesla’s self-driving cars are far from without issue. They get easily confused and they can swerve towards traffic and pedestrians. However, last weekend's latest update — Tesla FSD 10.3 — proved to be completely unusable.

Reported by Vice, the latest substantial update for Tesla's self-driving systems was completely borked. As a result, the software was recalled and rolled back to a previous version in less than 36 hours.

Tesla FSD AI update 10.3 was undrivable

After installing the update on Friday evening, fans quickly discovered that nothing worked right. For starters, the software's Forward Collision Warning no longer worked properly. Fans noticed that the software would constantly alert them that they were going to crash into something. However, other cars would be nowhere near them or not there at all.

Additionally, fans noticed regressions in the way that the car handled braking. During drives, the buggy software would full-brake for no reason at all. During short and long drives, it was reported that cars would repeatedly slam down on the brakes.

These issues were not limited to the vehicles’ full self-driving mode either. Issues like the Forward Collision Warning were so severe that they would flag while the Tesla FSD AI was turned off. Even during manned driving, the crash alerts were flagged.

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“Bugs are expected”

Tesla “technoking” Elon Musk took to Twitter after complaints surfaced in an attempt to soothe fans. Much like every time there are major issues, Musk explained that “note, this is to be expected with beta software”.

That beta thinking for a public hazard is a massive issue with Tesla's self-driving cars. The Tesla FSD AI routinely has critical issues, but the company's only responses are rolling back and shushing people.

Despite this, Tesla customers are constantly on the side of the company, likely due to the massive investment they have in the brand. With that said, Tesla isn't the only company having trouble with self-driving. Google's Waymo cars get trapped on a single street. Of course, those issues are nowhere near as dangerous or widespread as Tesla's.

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