Bing AI waitlist - how to get on it and how long is it?

An image of Bing AI on Microsoft Bing.

An image of Bing AI on Microsoft Bing.

Recently, Microsoft has added AI to the Microsoft Edge browser and Bing search engine. These are both powered by the same technology that OpenAI used to produce ChatGPT. We'll show you in this guide below on the Bing AI waitlist - how to get on it and how long is it, so read on below for more information.

With ChatGPT getting waves of attention since it becoming of an internet sensation back in December, the Bing AI engages with user prompts through algorithms learned from scanning numerous of pieces of text across the Internet. As part of the Bing search engine, Bing AI can still function separately as a chatbot to converse with human users.

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How to Get on the Bing AI Waitlist

Getting on the Bing AI waitlist is pretty simple. You just have to follow a few steps and provide some information to sign up. Once you do that, you too will be able to access Bing AI along with the first wave of users.

A screenshot of the Bing AI search engine with Bing Chat.
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To get on the waitlist, select Join waitlist at You’ll need to provide your email address, and then Microsoft will email you on when you'll be able to access it. However, Microsoft will give you priority if you sign in with your Microsoft account, set Microsoft defaults on your PC, and download the Bing application.

On the website, the waitlist page will show you some examples of what you can use the tool for. Some examples include asking it to create a three-course vegetarian menu for six people with a chocolate dessert or arts and crafts ideas with instructions for a toddler using only cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, paper and string.

Take note that the new Bing AI can input queries that are up to 1,000 words long. Besides that, Microsoft is figuring out a way to refine results using the built-in chatbot that will come with Bing.

How long is the Bing AI Waitlist?

Waiting to get access to Bing AI might take a while. As of now, there's no concrete release date on how long you'll be on the waitlist. But again, Microsoft reiterates a few ways to move up the waitlist so your waiting time will lessen:

  • Make Bing your default search engine(Opens in a new tab).
  • Make MSN(Opens in a new tab) your default homepage.
  • Pin in a new tab) to the Taskbar.
  • Add Microsoft-recommended sites to Favorites.
  • Create a desktop shortcut for Microsoft Edge.
  • Download the Bing app for your mobile phone.

If you follow these steps, perhaps you'll get up on the waiting list. Just be patient because Microsoft is doing its best to bring to users a reliable and efficient Bing AI.

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