How to green screen on TikTok

How to green screen on TikTok hand holding phone

How to green screen on TikTok hand holding phone

There is nothing better than making a fun little TikTok video that gets many likes and views. But the best videos on the app are also the ones which feature creative filters, so that you can have the most fun and look the best. So, have you been wondering how to green screen on TikTok?

While it is difficult to predict which videos will go viral, you definitely will have better chances once you start to use the full potential of the app and also know the best time to post.

So, let's take a look at how to use a green screen on TikTok.

How to green screen on TikTok

It is definitely very easy to do, similar to how you apply a filter on Instagram. This is how to do it:

  • Open the app, tap on the "+" sign at the bottom;
  • Select "Effects";
  • Scroll through the many different effects and find the one with "Green Screen" at the top of the options;
  • Select your preferred effect then, if needed, also select the photos and videos you wish to add;
  • Just make your video as usual.

It is definitely very simple to use, but - if used correctly - this is a powerful tool to make some of the best TikTok videos around.

What does the green screen on TikTok look like?

Basically, what the green screen does is cut out parts of your current video while you are recording and replace it with whatever you have selected while applying the effect on the TikTok app. Generally, that means your background will be changed, but there are other effects as well.

For example, there are effects to change your clothing along with filters that allow projecting images on parts of your body. That way you can stay creative and find out many different uses for the filter effect, there is nothing left to do but to try it out and have fun.

That is all you need to know about how to green screen on Tiktok, but if you're after more tips and tricks for the app, check out our guides on how to delete TikTok draft and how to remove a TikTok filter.

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