Zenless Zone Zero on Meta Quest Gets You As Close As Possible To Your Anime Gals

Nekomata and a Bangboo from Zenless Zone Zero wearing Meta Quest 3 VR headsets

Nekomata and a Bangboo from Zenless Zone Zero wearing Meta Quest 3 VR headsets

If you ever wanted to play Zenless Zone Zero with your Meta Quest headset, you can! While it may be a bit of pain in the behind to learn how to install Zenless Zone Zero on Steam Deck or even install on MacOS, Meta Quest users already have ZZZ running in their VR headsets.

Shared in a video on YouTube, one fan sideloaded Zenless Zone Zero on their Meta Quest 3 headset. While the game doesn’t launch in a fully immersive virtual world, the game can play on a huge screen right in front of your face.

Furthermore, with the latest Meta Quest update stealing Apple Vision Pro’s best features, Quest players are playing Zenless Zone Zero alongside other games. With the use of floating windows, ZZZ players can easily switch between the slick hack-and-slash game or their favourite idle game. Nikke anyone?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to install the game via the built-in Quest store, but if you get your hands on the right APK for ZZZ, it’s very easy to sideload the game. Similar to apps like CitraVR, the Android game runs great on the VR headset, and you can relax inside your virtual world while you hack, slash and shoot through foes.

At the time of writing, Zenless Zone Zero performance on Meta Quest 3 runs amazingly, but there’s no way to know if sideloading the game in this way could result in a ban. Judging from previous HoYoverse titles, we wouldn’t imagine the banhammer coming your way for simply playing the game in a VR headset, but play at your own risk.

Zenless Zone Zero is available to play right now for free on PlayStation 5, PC and Mobile on Android and iOS. We will not be linking to any APKs in this article.

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