Zelda fans turn Tears of the Kingdom’s final fight into a cute food stand

zelda fans turn tears of the kingdom final fight into a cute food stand
Credit: Nintendo

zelda fans turn tears of the kingdom final fight into a cute food stand
Credit: Nintendo

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has an incredible final battle against Ganondorf, but fans have turned this treacherous foe into nothing more than a food stand owner. The new Nintendo game has been praised endlessly for its endless creativity and this is a clear example of that, even if it does ruin a great fight.

A Twitter post from @pm0200kt shows that players can trap Ganondorf with their inventions via the Autobuild ability. Somehow, this player was able to trap the big bad in a food stand and have him stand still throughout. Maybe it’s a glitch but this is really funny to witness, given how fearsome the villain is.

Unfortunately, Ganondorf doesn’t actually sell Link any food but that would be asking for too much, given the game we’re talking about. He is the final boss after all and players aren’t going to rewrite code for a Switch game for a cute little video.

Still, this is one of the more creative Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom videos we’ve seen recently, which is saying a lot. This game has managed to provide players with tons of wacky ideas, usually involving the torture of Koroks. At this point, we’re so used to Korok torture that bamboozling Ganondorf is now the new standard.

It wasn’t that long ago when fans were ridiculously thirsty for the big bad of this series. Plenty of fans loved how thicc and muscular he was, with Matt Mercer’s voice being the cherry on top. Now he’s being used for internet clout, though there are much worse fates for the Gerudo giant.

Fans who have beaten the game know just how good this fight against the legendary villain is. Without spoiling things, fans will have to try and unlearn certain actions in order to bring this villain to his knees. Seeing the villain sell food while an electric fan keeps him cool is oddly gratifying.

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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available now on the Nintendo Switch.

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