Xiaomi Mi Fold renders reveal a three-faced foldable phone

Xiaomi's spectacular wrapped screen on the cancelled Mi Mix Alpha may be beaten with the company's incredible new patent.Tentatively called the Xiaomi Mi Fold, the Chinese smartphone company have made a three-faced foldable. But is practical?

After their first entry into foldable technology with the Mi Mix Fold, the smartphone company is experimenting further. How many folds are too many folds?

Xiaomi Mi Fold

Filed on February 24th,2020, Xiaomi's latest patent shows a great look at what the company's next foldable could be. Included in the document are 21 sketch images of what fans are calling the Xiaomi Mi Fold.

The folding phone has three foldable screens. The interior has a tablet-sized display that folds in the middle. However, the right-side of the screen features the same wrapped design as the Mi Mix Alpha, folding along the edge into the exterior screen. That outside screen can be pulled inwards to sit flush with a physical sidebar that'll clasp the screens together.

 That sidebar holds a lot of hardware. Much like the Huawei Mate X, that sidebar holds physical buttons for releasing the clasp as well as other components. For example, the entirety of the device’s camera array is held in this physical area. No more hole punch screens.

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3D Renders

As designed by website LetsGoDigital, 3D renders of the upcoming foldable are out in the wild. Based on the Xiaomi patents, they give a great insight into what the Xiaomi Mi Fold will look like in person.

It’s a cool design. However, the flexible outer display does lead to some worries regarding durability. Will it be able to withstand scratches?

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