Xbox Series X VR: Microsoft working with Valve and HP on next-gen VR Headset

As the PS5 vs Xbox Series X console war is heating up, one of the few advantages that Sony's next-generation console has over its competition is its VR functionality. But could the Xbox Series X offer VR?

Sony has had PSVR on the market for a number of years now, offering an affordable-ish inroad to VR for intrigued players. And perhaps now Microsoft will catch up.

Previously, virtual reality has not been a priority for Microsoft, but considering how ahead of Sony's new console they are, could they be looking to add the final nail to the coffin of the PS5?

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Will there be Xbox Series X VR?

HP has teased a next-generation headset with some very hefty claims attached.

Although no details are available at this time, HP has revealed they are collaborating with Valve and Microsoft to deliver this next headset.

Of course, Valve has only just released its brand new VR game Half-Life: Alyx, a game which has been built from the ground up for virtual reality and has had incredible reviews.

There are a number of VR headsets that work with Half-Life: Alyx, including a very snazzy one called the Valve Index (pictured atop this article), which Valve developed in-house.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is hard at work getting ready to deliver their next-generation console the Xbox Series X. And HP is collaborating with both companies on a next-gen headset.

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Next-gen VR headset specs

According to HP, this upcoming headset is a "more immersive, comfortable, and compatible experience than the previous generation," along with setting a "new standard in VR."

They revealed a partial image of what's to come and it looks very similar to the Reverb, which was a mixed reality headset introduced last year. The URL for the headset also includes the text "reverb-g2-vr-headset", indicating what the new headset could be called.

Steam has already listed the new headset, but with no more information than HP's website.

Considering Valve has had a few issues with headset distribution lately and Valve expressing interest in further VR games after Half-Life, it makes sense why they are involved.

As most VR headsets are designed for the PC, it's logical why Microsoft is being consulted. It's probably a bit crude to assume that this headset could solve an empty gap in the Xbox Series X plans, but why couldn't it?

Xbox Series X has undoubtedly bested the PS5 at this point in time, so why not really turn the screw and offer the one thing that's missing to complete the conquering of next-generation consoles?

It may not be a priority for Xbox to head down the VR market at this time, but it wouldn't be a surprise to see this snowball into something much bigger.

This just leaves us to daydream about next-gen games that could connect Xbox franchises with virtual reality... how about Halo VR on Xbox Series X?

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