Xbox Series X keeps turning off: How to fix it when your console keeps powering down

The Xbox Series X has been out nearly one whole week now.

While the launch day had people vaping into their consoles and apparently floating ping pong balls on top of them, the rumours and nonsense have started to wash away now, but there are some issues that are genuine.

One of these issues is that the Xbox Series X randomly turns itself off when playing certain games or doing certain things.

While there's not a huge amount known about this issue at the moment, we do have a potential fix for it.

Why does this happen?

So, let's begin with why the error occurs in the first place.

While players have a lot of different reports on when this occurs, it seems to be loosely linked to playing games that aren't optimised for the consoles.

These seem to most commonly be Xbox One games, which is an issue given that there aren't all that many games on the Series X outside of those that are backwards compatible.

The most concerning thing about this issue is that its one that's not currently listed on the known issues page of the Microsoft site, though you should be able to find fixes for lots of other problems there.

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Is there a fix?

As it stands, the only fix that seems to be working is unplugging your console and leaving it to rest for a bit, roughly ten minutes, before plugging it back in.

It's not a perfect fix though, and without the issue being addressed officially it's not likely to work for everyone.

We'll keep you updated with everything we know about this problem though, as it's one that is sure to be getting in the way of your good times with your Series X.

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