Xbox Series X issue impacts 4K/120Hz TVs: How to fix no signal or corrupted image on your LG, Samsung or Vizio TV

On a webpage about the 'Known Issues' that are impacting the newly launched Xbox Series X, Microsoft has revealed that certain tellies are having a little trouble getting started with the console.

LG, Samsung and Vizio TVs seem to be impacted, particularly those which offer 4K@120Hz visuals. If you've got one of those TVs, you might find that the Xbox Series X console doesn't give a signal.

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Keep reading to learn more about this glitch, and what can be done to fix it...

Xbox Series X: What's the problem with 4K@120Hz TVs?

On the 'Known Issues' webpage that Microsoft has published about the Xbox Series X, the powers that be have described a problem with certain TVs.

The webpage states, "If you are using a 4K@120Hz TV that also supports VRR you might encounter no signal or corrupted image when the Xbox is configured for 4K120+VRR. This issue occurs with various TVs from LG, Samsung, or Vizio." 

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How to fix the 4K@120Hz TV problem on Xbox Series X

We're going to handover to the experts on this one. Here's how Microsoft recommends working around the problem:

  • Workaround: 
    • Update to the latest firmware on your TV
    • If the issue still persists, also consider trying the following:
      • Configure the console for 4K/60 with VRR by going to SettingGeneralTV & display options> Video Modes> check the box for Allow variable refresh rate.
      • Configure the console for 4k/120 with no VRR by going to SettingGeneralTV & display optionsVideo Modes> uncheck the box for Allow variable refresh rate. The resolution and refresh rates are found under “Display” in TV & Display options.
      • If you wish to experience 120hz and VRR, please configure for 1080p/120hz VRR or 1440p/120hz VRR by Setting> GeneralTV & display optionsVideo Modes> check the box for Allow variable refresh rate. The resolution and refresh rates are found under “Display” in TV & Display options.
    • If you are experiencing a corrupted image, here are your workarounds to reverting back to a safe video mode:
      • Restart your console and configure your video modes to one of the listed options above. 
      • If you're still experiencing a corrupted image after restart, disable VRR on the TV. Please consult your TV manufactures on how to do this. 
      • If the issue still persist after steps 1 and 2, perform the video mode reset sequence to get back to a safe state and configure for one of the two options above. To do this, follow the steps on this page here under “Your screen is blank after you turn on the console > Reset your display settings”.

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