Xbox Series X Easter Egg REVEALED: New image unveils a famous message on the console base

With the Xbox Series X and Series S on the horizon, people are hungry for any and all the details they can find about the new Microsoft consoles.

That could be anything, from how well each of the consoles can swim, their preferred take away food, and how much they can bench.

Alongside that, fans are also on the lookout for any knowing nods or easter eggs that the consoles might contain.

Well, it turns out that the consoles do indeed see the return of an easter egg.

Take a look at the return of this Xbox easter egg

As tweeted out by Tom Warren, a senior editor at The Verge, both of the consoles will have three words on the bottom of the consoles.

These words actually first saw the light of day on the inside of the battery bay of the Xbox One controllers, and then again on the back of the Xbox One S.

It's a fairly new tradition then, but it's one that may get a smile from fans who enjoy it and just those that like to feel like they're a part of a growing family.

These words are "Hello from Seattle," and you might be wondering about the meaning.

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What does this even mean?

With some easter eggs, there's a risk of the joke being a little bit too niche for most people. Sometimes it's such a stretch or such an obscure reference that it can fall a little flat, or be missed entirely.

That's not the case here though, as the "Hello from Seattle" message actually has an incredibly simple explanation. In fact, it's so simple that you can probably just guess it.

That's right, it's because the Xbox team is based near Seattle.

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