Xbox Series S vs Xbox Series X: What's the difference between Lockhart and Anaconda, and which one should you buy?

The next-gen consoles are finally here, and if you can actually find one, you'll hopefully be enjoying all the features and upgrades that come with the new Xbox or PlayStation.

Before these console's released, there was lots of speculation into the existence of low-budget consoles, designed to bring people into the next-gen at a lower price point. We now know that these rumours were true, with the Xbox Series S and PS5 Digital Edition launching alongside the Xbox Series X and PS5 in November.

While you can check out our PS5 Digital Edition and Xbox Series S comparison here, for those intending on buying an Xbox console to play the likes of Fable and the now delayed Halo Infinite, questions need to be asked about which Xbox you should buy.

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So, should you get an Xbox Series X, or hold out for the Xbox Series S?

What is the Xbox Series S?

The Xbox Series S is a cheaper, smaller model of the next-gen Microsoft console. It's a more budget-friendly choice, one that is seemingly meant to be for those who don't mind not having as much power, because they want to spend less money.

Microsoft finally revealed the Series S in early September, following leaks that gave more details about the console. It was previously known as Project Lockhart, alongside the Xbox Series X which was known as Project Anaconda. Strange codenames, but hey, who are we to judge.

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The Series S was finally revealed following months of leaks and rumours

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What are the differences between the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S?

The main difference seems to be with regards to numbers.

According to the official trailer, the Series S will have the following specs, mirroring the Xbox Series X in some key areas:

  • 1440p up to 120 FPS
  • Ray-Tracing support
  • 4K media playback
  • 4K game upscaling
  • Variable rate shading
  • Variable refresh rate
  • Ultra-low latency

The Xbox Series S actually boasts fewer teraflops than the Xbox One X, but the internal architecture matches the Xbox Series X, ensurin the game performance is one only available via next-gen consoles.

However, the trailer also revealed that the Series S has a reduced storage capacity compared to the Xbox Series X. The Series X contains a custom 1TB SSD, whereas the Series S will only contain 512GB of space via a smaller SSD.

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Do you prefer this fan-made design (left) to the official Series S (right)?
Xbox Series S vs Xbos Series X
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Will you pay more for the big black monolith that can run games in true 4K??

This reduced capacity is evident through the Series S' design compared to the Series X. While many expected the Series S to be a shorter version of the Series X, perhaps taking the shape of a cube, the official design is different than most of the mock-ups. The Series S is instead a white, slimmer version of the Series X, looking closer to an Xbox One S than the next-gen console.

The design of the console also alludes to the Series S' lack of a disc drive, meaning that much like the PS5 Digital Edition, it will only play digital versions of games.

With these sacrifices likely comes a steep decrease in the Series S's price. Microsoft has confirmed that the budget console will cost just $299 (£249), significantly cheaper than the rumoured price for the Series X, which Windows Central currently puts at $499.

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